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With over 500000 stores, both large and small businesses, who have adopted this game changer, Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce platforms that has brought about big changes in the corporate world.

website designing company in India

Website Designing Company in chhattisgarh, India

Shopify Ecommerce
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Apart from the popularity, the reason for its success is the uncompromised customer experience that it provides with the features of managing inventory, running stores and blogs from one place, high personalisation, limitless payment gateway, and more. Today, a platform like Shopify is essential for building a secure and feature rich website for a legit eCommerce development .

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Due to the crucialness of adopting such a platform, most organisations thus prefer to outsource this role to a Shopify development agency as it is necessary to dedicate an entire team just for the development and maintenance of the same.. One such example is Wepnex, the top Shopify development agency in chhattisgarh . They

  • Offer services to all sizes and types of business and startups.
  • Customizable Shopify stores development.
  • Help in planning shopify migration for existing websites.
  • Understand customer needs and specifications.
  • Have a team of skilled Shopify experts.
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Best Shopify

Subscriptions 2021

A subscription is a highlight feature that Shopify offers to enhance eCommerce development . But what exactly does this do? Offering subscriptions to your customers helps you in selling your products on a frequent/ recurring basis. In simpler words, the user can select the frequency and the price option they desire and this automatically sells your product regularly. These subscriptions can be monthly, weekly , or even a daily basis. And all these details of each customer can be managed through your Shopify admin. And this is done through integrating a subscription app from Shopify. Let us look at the Best Shopify subscriptions 2021:


Recharge Subscriptions

The most popular subscription app on Shopify that helps in creating multiple plans at once. The customization is the best feature of this app that helps personalise the interface along with a ton of editable templates and high support. With a comprehensible API and management system, the analytical tools provided helps customers keep track of their purchases using accounts.


Recurring Order & Subscriptions

An app with a very simple UI, it has a simple and quick registration process that involves no creation of an account. An added bonus to increase your sales is the ‘register directly’ option provided to the customer that is placed right next to the add to cart option. It also supports irregular payments and discounts due to high flexibility.


Seal Subscriptions

Apart from being known for sending automated invoices instead of directly billing the customers, this app does not require registrations. Seal subscriptions offer mixed subscriptions in the same cart and to enhance your Shopify eCommerce experience it also lets users pay with the 100+ payment methods that Shopify offers.


Bold Subscriptions

With seamless integration to Shopify, this app highlights their feature of high-speed checkout page along with quick payment through not more than a couple of clicks. It offers versatile elements to enhance User experience like the ability to edit, skip, and pause their subscription.

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Freelance Shopify
Developers Vs Professional
Shopify Development Agency

Outsourcing the role of Shopify eCommerce development, to develop a new site or to tweak an existing one, is common but most firms face a big dilemma, maybe you too, over who to contract out to; Freelancers or Professionals. Even though freelancing would seem better for the attractive prices, the following points will help you understand the difference between the both and why most firms prefer Professional Agency:


The qualifications and reliability cannot be determined in the case of freelancers but the quality of output can be predicted in the case of experienced agencies like Wepnex, a top-rated Shopify development agency in chhattisgarh.


The broad range of skills equipped by professional agencies that cover multiple dimensions of Shopify development are relatively higher when compared to a Shopify freelance developer due to the resources or/and expert training and thus would help in intelligent implementation of strategies


Professional agencies not only help in developing or tweaking shopify websites, they also handle small odd tasks quickly and are mostly a part of the services you offer and thus, you get more compared to hiring a Shopify freelance developer for a single small task at a price.


Due to the ability to procure more resources, a professional agency like the best Website Designing company in chhattisgarh , Wepnex, will help you with a high level of designing quality and customization. The efficient use of ground breaking technologies provides a lot of brownie points.


When a professional agency takes over the project, due to the number of experienced experts in a team, the management of the business process is highly professional and excellent when compared to a freelancer.

Shopify Website Vs WordPress

WooCommerce Website

There are many eCommerce platforms out there but Shopify and WooCommerce eCommerce development has come out as the top ones for a long time and thus every firm opting for such a platform has always been confused between the two. Let us identify and analyse pros and cons of both the sites and understand the parallels and differences of the same.

  • Shopify is a powerful and reliable platform that provides easy to use features and a lot of customisable templates combined with exceptional customer support. WooCommerce on the other hand is an e-Commerce platform that turns any WordPress site into the online store you desire, powerful and open source.
  • Shopify is accessible to everyone. A lot of technical side of the operations are taken care of and covers all the essential items like hosting and domain name. But with WooCommerce on the other hand, web hosting and security must be done by yourself and needs technical knowledge.
  • Continuing the above-mentioned feature, Shopify is almost completely built and you only need to add your content but with WooCommerce, even though you have a high degree of creative control, it requires a lot of technical ability from the user and have to build the whole thing from scratch thus leading to a higher period of time before the site is live.
  • The designing aspect is more or less the same as both provide a number of customizable design templates.
  • When it comes to the aspect of security, Shopify takes the lead as Shopify comes with an SSL certificate and other security measures whereas when using WooCommerce, you will need to set up PCI DSS compliance and source the SSL certificate by yourself.
  • When taken into consideration the pricing aspect, WooCommerce comes first as it is basically free. You will not need to spend much except for certain added aspects but when Shopify is chosen, you will need to comply with the fixed price plans that are a little more than an average pricing.
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Shopify Ecommerce

Development Pricing in chhattisgarh

When your company chooses to go for Shopify eCommerce Development with the help of a professional agency, pricing makes a criterion on which the agency is chosen. For example, when looking for a Shopify development agency in chhattisgarh, Wepnex is the way to go. They are known for their affordable rates while also providing high class quality outputs.

The price rates decided are with the influence of a lot of different factors, says Wepnex a Shopify website design agency in chhattisgarh . For example, the timeline within which the site is to go live is a factor. So is the complexity of the features needed and the level of customization. The type of industry your company belongs to, the complete duration of the project, the number of services provided and the added features are a few other determinants of the quote offered and thus, it varies from project to project and company to company.

Wepnex Shopify
Ecommerce Development Agency In chhattisgarh Reviews

  • "It was in a skeptical manner that we proceeded to give this role to an external agency. We had high expectations and did not know if any agency would deliver the required quality but we were very happy with the service provided by Wepnex. Cannot wait for future collaborations"

  • "They are the best. Provided us the desired output with full professionalism. And understood our needs so nicely. Keep up the great work"

  • "Their highly creative team of experts combined with the amazing meetings we had where they considered us like their partners and the exceptional results were amazing!"

  • "We will definitely continue working with Wepnex as they have been very attentive and responsive with barely any communication gap. Very pleased with the delivery of services that helped us grow significantly."

  • "Every issue of my company was addressed quickly and resolved by Wepnex. Their efficiency stands out and they were able to comply with all our needs and desires. I completely recommend this hard-working company."

FAQ on Ecommerce Web Development

Shopify Ecommerce Development

1 Can I use my own domain name with Shopify? Cost of Developing Ecommerce Website

Yes, you can easily register a domain. Either a new one through Shopify store admin or you can transfer an already existing one to Shopify’s server.

2 Will the designing of websites be premade themes or will they be customized? Social Media FAQ

There are a lot of themes and templates that Shopify provides but each and every one of them are customizable and can be personalised according to your needs.

3 How will you play a role in Shopify eCommerce development of my company? Social Media FAQ2

From helping you with designing and development to after project service and everything in between like consultancy, support, digital marketing, and hosting will be taken care of by us.

4 Where can I sell with Shopify? SM FAQ

With the help of Shopify, you can sell the service/product you offer wherever your customers are. From your shopify website, to social media pages, to in person transactions and any other online mode too.

5 Is Shopify a good choice for beginners? SM FAQ

Yes absolutely. Being user friendly and completely customisable, allows you to create your own store easily.