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website designing company in India

A top choice that many businesses opt for when beginning their online business is the platform called WooCommerce. A WooCommerce website is one that is developed by this free plugin that takes over your normal WordPress website and turns it into a fully functioning eCommerce website. But to utilize it to its full potential.

website designing company in India

Website Designing Company in chhattisgarh, India

you must know everything about it. And that is not usually easy, which led to the existence of teams of experts forming a WooCommerce development agency in chhattisgarh . Such agencies are made up of experienced WooCommerce experts and eCommerce developers. One such example is Wepnex, a Website designing company in chhattisgarh .

So why must you choose an agency and what do these agencies offer?

  • Full stack WooCommerce development that includes hosting and security.
  • Advanced customizations as per your requirements and your company’s needs.
  • A high quality WooCommerce User Experience that would increase conversions.
  • Great degree of WooCommerce SEO content that would increase traffic to your site.
  • Business strategies on how to use WooCommerce efficiently and effectively for complete optimization.
  • Responsive WooCommerce theme development services that are customised to fit your aesthetic, making your WooCommerce website a beautiful and attractive one.
  • High attention to security needs and uncompromised implementation to make your site the safest.
  • Migration of all your data and content if you have an existing website and want to adopt WooCommerce

These are just a few of the key-features and advantages of opting an agency like the top WooCommerce development Agency in chhattisgarh - Wepnex.

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Is WooCommerce better than Shopify?

A showdown that has been running around in the eCommerce field for years is the one between Shopify and WooCommerce, and sometimes Magento eCommerce development too becomes a strong contender . Often businesses and website development agencies find themselves in crossroads when having to make a decision about which one of the two to choose from. Let us break this confusion down and understand why WooCommerce might just be the better choice by understanding factors that make this platform superior.


Add-Ons and Plugins

WooCommerce is known for its flexibility. Offering the option to integrate the needed add-ons and plugins is not just for the basic features but also other special features like Image zoom and hundreds of other extensions. And the best part? Many of them are free. Another example of a WooCommerce plugin is the one called bulk discount that helps in selling more of your goods to the shoppers.


Customizable Checkout

A unique feature which most eCommerce platforms may not have is the feature of customizing and tailoring the checkout page and process according to the need of each unique customer. This also includes basic options like the ability to add multiple coupons, guest checkout, PayPal/Stripe payments, automatic tax and shipping rates calculator.


Higher control

Quoting a blog post, “Shopify has been called the “tour guide” of ecommerce; whereas using WooCommerce is like exploring a new destination independently.” You get to upgrade your site according to your needs and the way you desire, specific SEO content and designing, and so much more. WooCommerce plugin makes your site feel like your baby.


Budget friendly

Compared to the expensive packages offered by Shopify, WordPress is at a big advantage for you as it is completely free. The best choice to support your budget. Being a WooCommerce retailer, you have all the features except a few but that too is solved by using hosting providers like Bluehost for a very minimal cost. These additional features that you have to pay for include a domain name, SSL certificate, and web hosting.

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WooCommerce development

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So, what do these WooCommerce development agencies actually do? And why is it actually a great idea to outsource WooCommerce designing and development to them?

WooCommerce is a very powerful plugin to help you perform exceptionally in the eCommerce market but to squeeze out its complete potential, it is highly crucial to have complete knowledge of this platform. Thus, most firms reach out to WooCommerce design agencies . These agencies, with their experienced team of WooCommerce and eCommerce experts, provide an array of functions that will help a firm quickly establish and maintain the quality and standards in an eCommerce market. A main function offered by agencies like Wepnex, Website design company chhattisgarh , is the integration of WordPress and WooCommerce. This includes compatibility checks, bug free coding, and seamless integration of the WooCommerce plugin. Responsive themes for your WooCommerce site is also provided, along with complete customization of themes as per needs and company aesthetics. Another function offered is the migration from your existing web site to an amazing WooCommerce site. And apart from the basic ‘full website building’, advanced plugin development is also taken care of that is tailored to the specific needs of your firm.

The quotes of these agencies vary from project to project depending on a set of various aspects like:

  • The type of industry the firm belongs to
  • Editing existing content or creating completely new content
  • The number of features to be included
  • The intensity of designing and aesthetics
  • The duration of the entire project
  • Other functions and expectations

Wepnex Shopify
WooCommerce Development Agency In chhattisgarh Reviews

  • “100% happy with Wepnex and the job they did. They are highly skilled and have flawless communication. Would definitely recommend.”

  • “Wepnex’s team was filled with experts and strong communicators who worked to their highest standards. They were the perfect choice and I am definitely happy with the high-quality results.”

  • “Highest support from a company I have ever outsourced my company’s work to. They helped me set up a WooCommerce site from scratch and adhered to all my concerns and requirements. Awaiting future collaborations!”

  • “Wepnex helped us integrate WooCommerce with our eCommerce services and we got amazing results as our customer base increased significantly and our sales had peaked. We are so grateful that we chose them.”

  • “Great service and great support! Wepnex was of great help and it definitely improved our conversion rate. Thank you for all your help! Recommending 10/10.”

FAQ on Ecommerce Web Development

WooCommerce Development

1 What is WordPress? Cost of Developing Ecommerce Website

WordPress is a platform that allows you to create, manage and share content on the internet. It is a content management system. It can also be converted into an eCommerce site.

2 What theme does WooCommerce use? Social Media FAQ

You can customize the themes according to your likes and requirements. Plus, a lot of them are available for free that are provided by WooCommerce itself.

3 How do you provide support? Social Media FAQ2

We help you out with everything from the scratch till after the website is live. Every detail in between, and every function, guiding you through every step of the process.

4 can I test the themes before finalizing? SM FAQ

Definitely yes. You can demo each and every theme, preview it before confirming it to be the final one for the WooCommerce website.

5 Do you have content or should we provide? SM FAQ

Both the options are available. If you have content ready, you can provide and we will use it accordingly or we will create SEO rich content according to your needs.